The Perfect Low-Cost Marketing Method


As a senior member of a company you will no doubt appreciate the importance of being able to make contact across the company floor. No doubt you will have a network or communication links between yourself and the other members of the company and it’s quite likely that you know nearly everyone within your company. You achieve this by simply being connected with your colleagues. You communicate with them, you constantly refer company members to others and you make dozens of introductions each day at next to no cost. This is what is called business networking.

Interaction Creates Untold Opportunities

In all types of businesses, networking is perhaps the most important agent for creating opportunities especially if you are the owner of a small business somewhere in town or on the outskirts of town. It is a practice that needs to be cultured if success in business is the goal you have in mind. The big businesses and corporate companies do it and have prospered as a result. There is no reason why the same practice can’t be applied to your small business. It’s a very simple approach and will cost next to nothing to adopt and implement. Without over extending your business, try reaching out to other small businesses around your domain and interact with them.

Sitting on your Laurels will smother your Business

For your business to prosper, you must constantly update your information about newly adopted trends and methods; about new business practices to sharpen and streamline business; about newly forged technology and products that have entered the market. If you remain where you are and do nothing but think about how far you’ve come and how much you’ve achieved, you are likely to stay that way while the surrounding business community that commit themselves to networking will prosper. If you haven’t joined a business network do so and start interacting with your business community.

How to effectively achieve it

Gaining access to a business network is not difficult at all. You do some of the activities yourself every day when you interact with your family and friends. When a family member has something that another member needs the one who has, is referred to the one in want. In business networking this is called a referral. When a family member gets a visit from a friend it is common courtesy for him/her to do some introductory remarks to you or the mother about the visitor so you and he come to know each other. From there the relationship develops into something more lasting and this is simply called face-to-face introductions but there are many more introductory types that you can develop by attending gatherings, using the phone, email plus the myriad of social and business networking websites.

Business Networking Works Both Ways

The act of slowly building your business network through personal interactions with others simultaneously creates a boon of opportunities for you. The network will open up a colossal marketing environment in which you can explore the business activities your business colleagues are doing. You will come to learn the types, quantity and quality of products that they buy and sell, the marketing strategies they use, their sources, their prices. It will introduce the idea of specializing in certain areas that will not overly duplicate the business operations of your business colleagues. It will introduce a smooth and healthy environment to the whole business networking community within your area. In this kind of business environment, everyone stands to gain, especially you.

A Strong Front for Leverage

There is nothing more desirable in a township business community than the ability to have some leverage against higher authority or bigger business concerns. Concerns about taxes, land use, prices, supplies, roads, railways and a myriad of other incursions are bound to arise. They may encroach on the prosperity of your very own business networking community which, because of its strong ties from a close knit networking community, will be able to face and resolve for its own benefit and welfare.

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